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In 2008, the Grenon-LeMaitre family’s story of resilience inspired Lara and Rudy Pietrolungo to establish the Emma-Rose Fund. What started as an idea for a small fundraiser turned into a biennial gala event, raising awareness and hundreds of thousands of funds for families of children with Mucopolysaccharide (MPS) diseases. 

Lara Pietrolungo moved to North York, Ontario at the age of 12. As a mother of two, and with a background in nursing, she has an innate desire to educate and lend a hand to those in need – which explains her commitment to the Emma-Rose Fund. Today, Lara is an healthcare executive who spends her career leading programs that focus on improving child health locally, nationally, and internationally.

Rudy Pietrolungo grew up in Etobicoke, Ontario. His passion for the arts started at an early age and developed into a successful career in creative design and advertising. As the owner of BIGMUCH and as a devoted father of two, Rudy gives back bigheartedly through his work with the Emma-Rose Fund – his number one charity of choice.

Carole Grenon grew up in Lac Superior, Quebec knowing what she was going to be when she became older – a dedicated teacher. She is a natural educator who taught French immersion when she moved to Toronto.  Carole is the kindest human being and a selfless mother who is currently an Educator for children with special needs in Sherbrooke.


Jim Lemaitre is originally from Toronto. He is what most people describe as “the life of the party”. Jim started his teaching career in Mexico and then returned to Toronto to teach what he loved the most, physical education. Jim is a strong human being and a loving father. He is currently the principal of an elementary school in Quebec.  

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