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Like all childhood diseases, Mucopolysaccharide (MPS) diseases are not only physically and emotionally draining but are also a financial nightmare. Parents are continuously searching for funding to help support their expenses for medical equipment, medication, childcare, healthcare appointments and hospitalization.

The Emma-Rose Fund’s main purpose is to raise awareness of MPS diseases and ultimately raise dollars to support those parents in need of additional funding. The Fund is a 100% non-profit initiative. With much research and dialogue with experts, healthcare providers, and families of children with MPS, the Emma-Rose Fund donates proceeds to SickKids Foundation and the Canadian MPS Society. The donation to the Canadian MPS Society is from the net proceeds of the biennial gala, supporting the Society’s Family Assistance Program. All other net proceeds from the gala and charitable donations received, are donated to SickKids Foundation, supporting MPS patients through SickKids’ Patient Amenities Program.


Since its inception, the Emma-Rose Fund has done exactly what it set out to do. Help make life a little easier for families of kids with MPS.

Here are a few examples of how your support and dollars have made a difference: 

  • Private rehabilitation services including physiotherapy, occupational
    therapy and speech language therapy


  • Respite care for families

  • Funeral services

  • Bereavement services

  • Home care services

  • Medications and alternative therapies

  • Orthotic inserts and footwear

  • Special needs child care

  • Special needs camp

  • Modification of vehicles for accessibility

  • Modification of homes for accessibility
(e.g. remodeling bathroom for accessibility, lift system from garage)


  • Personal needs (e.g. diapers, etc.)

  • One-on-one academic instructions and support (e.g. tutoring)

  • iPad for a unique reading program and its portability

  • Transportation and parking fees for appointments at SickKids

  • Accommodations and meals while receiving treatment at SickKids

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.

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